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rain's the way you move now

sun, the way you seem

from the morning
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name : catherine
place : washington state, usa

interesting things
swimming, piano, literature, behavioral neuroscience, photography, drinking tea, bonfires, laughing.

the shins, spoon, the new pornographers, coldplay, peter bjorn and john, someone still loves you boris yeltsin, +/-, the beatles, the clientele, nick drake, the arcade fire, sufjan stevens, yo la tengo, the magnetic fields, belle and sebastian, guillemots, the decemberists, the smiths, camille, feist, m. ward, modest mouse, the black keys, wilco, bloc party, french kicks, jeff buckley, broken social scene, air traffic, bob dylan, the wombats, u2, snow patrol, vince guaraldi, sondre lerche, badly drawn boy, jack johnson, yes, david bowie, cream, rogue wave, the national, i am kloot, the weakerthans, iron & wine, the jam, los campesinos!, beck, vampire weekend, the broken west, fleet foxes, death cab for cutie, mates of state, josé gonzález, the kooks, flight of the conchords, i'm from barcelona, minus the bear, sigur rós, the like
the colbert report, the daily show, the office, scrubs, 30 rock, arrested development, saturday night live, pushing daisies, flight of the conchords, the x-files, ace of cakes

casablanca, casino royale, ocean's eleven, dummy, dear frankie, roman holiday, the philadelphia story, millions, harry potter 3-4-5, it's a wonderful life, 10 things i hate about you, the wedding singer, zoolander, about a boy, kiss kiss bang bang, better off dead, notorious, the sound of music, shaun of the dead, the bourne ultimatum, the painted veil, once, iron man, his girl friday

fahrenheit 451, franny and zooey, jane eyre, harry potter, the stranger, the crucible, to kill a mockingbird, pride and prejudice, the great gatsby, crime and punishment, ender's game, the importance of being earnest, war and peace, the brain that changes itself

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30 rock, 88.1 the alternative, =, ace of cakes, aimless days, alton brown, anderson cooper, anna karenina, apple, arrested development, autumn, baking cookies, band, beck, being occasionally materialistic, best week ever, blackadder, bonfires, books, cary grant, cassidy casablancas, chemistry, chinese food, chris martin, christmastime, clarinet, clark kent, coldplay, conan o'brien, concerts, dark chocolate, dead like me, dear frankie, death cab for cutie, di, discovering new music, dr. mark greene, dreary days, dummy, er, firefly, flight of the conchords, french, gilmore girls, golden retrievers, good eats, gregory peck, harry potter, hay rides, his girl friday, hot hot heat, hugh laurie, i'm not obsessed!, icons, impromptu arts&crafts, indie music, irish catholics, iron man, itunes, j.d. salinger, jane austen, jane eyre, jim/pam, jimmy stewart, kexp, knowing your onion, laughing, make poverty history, make trade fair, math, millions, mitch hedberg, monty python, movies, mulder/scully, music, music (for robots), nathan fillion, new york city, nick drake, old fashioned hats, old school alias, outer banks, paris, peanuts, photography, photoshop, piano, pride & prejudice, pro-life, pushing daisies, rain, ray bradbury, reading, robert downey jr., roman holiday, ron/hermione, san juan islands, scarves, seasonal delights, seattle, sleeping in, slippers, smart kids, snl, snoopy, snow, sondre lerche, spoon, stephen colbert, su doku, sub pop, summertime, swimming, tea, tennis, that warm cozy feeling, the beatles, the colbert report, the national, the new pornographers, the office, the shins, the x-files, tina fey, tony/pepper, u2, van gogh, vince guaraldi, will arnett, winter, world peace